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Why The Deep Tread

Green Grippers are more than just wheel covers. With their enhanced grip, durable construction, and wide compatibility, Green Grippers are the perfect solution for lawn mowers that are not pulling their weight due to spinning front drive wheels.

Environmental Inventions

The Invention – Patent Pending Deep Tread Green Grippers – Patent Pending A lawn mower wheel cover with grip elements on its base provides improved traction for increased self-propelled lawn mower performance. The invention generally relates to a lawn mower wheel cover which includes a plurality of grip elements arranged on the second side of […]

Testing Results

Testing The Green Grippers- Post Green Gripper Lawnmower Traction Wheel Covers Lawn Mower Wheel Cover Testing Keep up to date on the testing and improvements because as the Green Grippers evolve so does your mowing. The Gobler 2 v1 The Gobler 2 v1 3D Print of Interior Structure Lawn Gripper with Zip End v1 3D […]