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In the beginning there was bulk and waste

We Need Beta Testers For The Green Grippers

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  • Are you tired of getting stuck while mowing? We’re looking for passionate lawn care enthusiasts to join our Beta Tester program and help us improve the Deep Treaded Green Grippers, the revolutionary lawn mower wheel cover that conquers tough terrain and makes mowing effortless.
  • As a Beta Tester, you’ll get:
    • Early access to Green Grippers 
    • The chance to provide valuable feedback and help us shape the new lawnmower wheels.
    • Exclusive discounts and rewards 
  • We’re looking for testers with:
    • Self-propelled lawn mowers  – you can check our website to see if your mower is compatible!
    • A passion for lawn care and a desire to try new products
    • The willingness to provide honest feedback

Coming Soon:

  • Spots are limited! Apply to become a Green Grippers Beta Tester today!
  • Visit our webpage to learn more and apply!

Seven Tests We Run on Each and Every Design of Green Grippers

The Craftsman front-propelled mower featuring Green Grippers is designed to overcome a variety of obstacles, including navigating a combination of sand, small rocks, roots, and St. Augustine grass. Seven rigorous real-world assessments are conducted to evaluate the performance and durability of the Green Grippers lawn mower wheel attachments.
    1. Hill Climb Test: We have heavy to moderate inclines on our property with the (sand, small rocks, roots, and St. Augustine grass) mentioned terrain mix. Engage the mower’s self-propelled function to climb the hill and navigate the ditches. Observe if the Green Grippers maintain traction or slip excessively. 

    2. Sharp Turn Test: In an open area with the full terrain mix, (sand, small rocks, roots, and St. Augustine grass). We mowed a tight circle at a moderate to fast speed. See if the Green Grippers hold or cause the mower to lose control. Repeat at various speeds to see if any issues arise. Watch Video

    3. Root Obstacle Course: We mow a designated path with a high concentration of tree roots. Feel for any vibrations or hear scraping noises that might indicate the Green Grippers are making excessive contact with the roots. Inspect the wheel attachments for signs of damage after each test. See Pictures and Video

    4. Durability Test: We mow a designated area representing your typical mowing path for several sessions (consider 8-14 mows). We look for visible signs of wear and tear on the Green Gripper wheel attachments. Click Here for pictures. Looking for tread wear or wheel cover cracks. This helps us assess long-term durability.

    5. Hot Sun and Cold Rain: We also keep a test wheel cover in the hot Florida sun through the Summer and expose them to the brisk and wet winters in N. Florida. 

    6. Wet Grass Test: Early in the morning in Florida or after a light rain, mow a section with wet St. Augustine grass, sand, dirt, rocks, and roots. Observe if the Green Grippers lose traction or clog with mud. See if mowing efficiency is significantly impacted. Click for Test Pictures and Videos

    7. Loose Material Test: We have loose dirt and, a sandy area on your property. We mow that section every time we test and observe how the Green Grippers perform. This test is as important as it gets. Click Here for Videos and Pictures 

Pictures of the test wheels. This picture shows a new wheel and a wheel after heavy use.
New vs. 9 Month Gripper
Green Gripper Wear Test: Traction After 9 Months and the Design Advantage of a Thick Outer Wall

As you can see, the used Green Gripper on the right shows signs of wear on the treads. This Green Gripper lasted 9 months of testing. The treads provide traction even after they’re worn down. The lawn mower may lose a small percentage of grip, especially on uneven terrain or wet grass, after time. That’s why we 3D Print the Green Gripper Wheel Attachments with an Outer Wall thickness of 29mm.

The Green Gripper was tested hard fo months
9 Months of Beatings
The wear on the tread is consistent with a Green Gripper that’s been used for nine months.
Green Gripper Wear Analysis: Balancing Durability with Traction

This image reveals wear on the Green Gripper’s outer wall, with some flattening of the ridges. This naturally raises concerns about potential traction loss. Here’s a breakdown of key factors to consider:

  • Usage: The frequency of use and the type of terrain, like concrete, will affect the Green Grippers’ outer wall. Even after the Green Gripper has encountered significant impacts the function remains intact. Frequent use on concrete will accelerate outer wall wear compared to green surfaces.

  • Severity of Wear: Determining the extent of tread wear is crucial. Are the ridges simply flattened, or is there deeper wear exposing the base layer? Significant wear can lead to a more noticeable decrease in traction.

  • Manufacturer Recommendations:

  • Consult the Green Gripper for information on expected tread life and replacement guidelines.

One of the first designs for the green grippers
First Model of Treaded Lawn Mower Wheel Cover
From Mardi Gras Leftovers to Market-Ready Marvel: The Green Gripper’s Humble Origins
The Green Gripper’s journey began in a most unexpected way – with a dash of Mardi Gras magic! Here’s the story behind this innovative lawn mower solution:

A Spark of Inspiration: Some leftover purple filament with gold flakes, intended for Mardi Gras, became the unlikely leftover PLA. Our old self-propelled lawn mower needed better traction, and a solution was born.

From Prototype to Progress: Wheel measurements were taken. We fired up Fusion 360 and the first Treaded Lawn Mower Wheel was printed. Success fueled the creation of a second set of wheels, this time in a more practical black PLA filament.

Prototyping and Refinement: Recognizing the game-changer potential right away. Three different wheel designs were tested within a short timeframe. This rapid prototyping has led to the current, design ready to take the market by storm.

The Bandit v1
Green Gripper Tread Optimization: Balancing Traction and Efficiency


Designing the perfect Green Gripper tread faced challenges. The first attempt in Fusion 360 made the tread too thick.

We then took cues from the “Bandit v1-4” design. Our strategy was simple:

  • Refined Tread Pattern: We found that by tweaking the pattern, we could make the tread thinner without losing function. This went beyond just cutting groove depth.

  • Optimized Spacing: Instead of thinning the lines, which reduced traction and caused mud buildup, we spaced the treads out. This surprising move improved even rolling and deep traction.

One of our first Green Gripper
The Tank v1
The Tank: A Bold Experiment in Green Gripper Design

The Green Gripper’s development journey wasn’t without its detours. Enter “The Tank” – a radical design concept that pushed the boundaries of functionality:

  • Extreme Design: This two-piece friction lawn mower wheel cover embodied an “all or nothing” approach. It boasted a heavy build with a shallow tread design.
  • The Screwless Dream: A key focus was achieving a secure fit without the need for screws. While it initially demonstrated promise, the dream turned sour. Sun exposure caused the plastic to expand, leading to the dreaded “torquing out” and ultimately, failure.


While The Tank itself never reached its full potential, the lessons learned from its creation proved invaluable in shaping the Green Gripper’s future iterations.

We tested them on concreate and stones and they still did well
The Gripper Before 9 Month Test
Green Gripper: 9 Months in the Trenches – A Brutal Test for a Better Design

The Green Gripper isn’t afraid to get dirty. In fact, it thrives in the dirt! We put it through a grueling nine-month gauntlet designed to simulate the harshest yard conditions imaginable. Here’s a breakdown of this epic test:

  • The Gauntlet Begins: On August 14th, 2023, the Green Gripper embarked on a relentless mission – to conquer our toughest test yard.
  • Nine Months of Punishment: For an unforgiving nine months, the Green Gripper battled the elements. It soldiered through until June 12th, 2024, facing every challenge we could throw its way.
  • Retirement and Reflection: On June 15th, 2024, the battle-tested Green Gripper will be decommissioned. A thorough analysis will then commence, allowing us to glean valuable insights for further refinement.

Our commitment to continuous improvement is unwavering. By keeping the doors wide open throughout this process, we ensure the Green Gripper evolves into the ultimate lawn mower companion.

Green Grippers Orange on Lawn Mower Wheel Attachment
Green Grippers on a Lawn Mower Wheel Black Attachment
Green Gripper Green on a Lawn Mower Wheel Attachment

This is a Green Gripper that has made it through a very rigorous testing ground for 9 months. 

A picture of the Green Gripper after testing for an unforgiving nine months, the Green Gripper battled the elements. It soldiered through until June 12th, 2024, facing every challenge we could throw its way.

We will update the proving grounds info for the beta testers – But this particular Green Gripper Heavy Treaded Lawn Mower Wheel had gone through 9 months of use and was exposed to the weather and sun. We have some videos of the testing on our YouTube

Read Below For More Info Regarding Beta Testing For Us.

Why Beta Testing Matters: Building a Better Green Gripper with Your Help

Here at Orbis Prime inventors of the Green Grippers, we believe the path to a superior product is paved with valuable user feedback. That’s why our Beta Testing program is instrumental in shaping the Green Gripper of tomorrow. Let’s delve into the key benefits of Beta Testing:

Valuable User Feedback:

  • Real-World Testing: Beta testers put Green Grippers through their paces in diverse mowing conditions, providing crucial insights on traction and control in wet grass, on slopes, and uneven terrain.
  • Identifying Unforeseen Issues: Beta testers have a knack for uncovering unexpected problems or areas for improvement that might be missed in controlled testing environments.
  • Varied Perspectives: A diverse beta tester pool with different lawn sizes, mowing styles, and mower types ensures Green Grippers excel for a wide audience.

Product Refinement:

  • Design Optimization: Your feedback helps us refine the Green Gripper’s tread design, material selection, and even sizing options to ensure compatibility with various mowers.
  • Durability Testing: Beta testers put Green Grippers through their paces, revealing any potential durability concerns before full-scale production, allowing for pre-emptive improvements.
  • Instructional Clarity: Your experiences help us improve the clarity and comprehensiveness of Green Gripper installation and use instructions.

Marketing & Sales Insights:

  • Targeted Messaging: Feedback helps us identify Green Grippers’ key selling points and benefits, informing future marketing and advertising campaigns that resonate with you.
  • Identifying Target Audience: Understanding how different user groups utilize Green Grippers helps us refine the target market for the product.
  • Generating Buzz: Positive experiences from beta testers can create early excitement and positive buzz for the official launch of Green Grippers.

By participating in our Beta Testing program, you become an integral part of the Green Gripper story. Your contributions directly influence the development of a product designed to meet the needs of real lawn mower users – people just like you!

The bottom-line for why we need beta testers.

By utilizing beta testers, Green Grippers can ensure their lawn mower wheels are a well-rounded product that addresses the needs of real-world users, leading to a successful launch and satisfied customers.

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