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Green Gripper Lawnmower Traction Wheel Attachments Testing

Keep up to date on the testing and improvements because as the Green Grippers evolve so does your mowing.

Picture of Test Model 1
The Gobler 2 v1
Picture of Test Model 2
The Gobler 2 v1
Picture of Test Model 3
3D Print of Interior Structure
Picture of Test Model 4
Lawn Gripper with Zip End v1
Picture of Test Model 5
3D Print of Interior Structure
Picture of Test Model 6
Lawn Wheel For Bridged Zip v1

We went through over twenty iterations of non slip lawn mower wheel attachments before we got to the Green Gripper.

This Green Gripper Lawnmower Traction Wheel Attachments is a lawn mower wheel cover designed specifically to fit many of the self-propelled lawnmowers. It features a unique design with strategically placed grip elements or treads that significantly improve traction between the wheel and the grass. This results in several key benefits:

The Goals For Improved Performance:

Enhanced traction: Prevents wheel slippage, especially on slopes, wet grass, and uneven terrain. This allows the mower to maintain consistent power and control, leading to a more efficient and effective mowing experience.

Increased pulling power: The improved grip ensures the wheels effectively transfer power from the engine to the ground, enhancing the overall pulling strength of the lawn mower. This is particularly helpful for tackling challenging terrain.

A smoother ride is an easy ride: Reduced wheel slippage translates to a smoother and more stable mowing experience, minimizing user fatigue and discomfort.

Goals For Enhanced Control:

Reduced risk of accidents: Improved traction of the Green Gripper Lawnmower Traction Wheel Attachments minimizes the risk of wheel slippage and loss of control, particularly on slippery or uneven surfaces. This creates a safer mowing environment for the user.

Easier maneuverability: The increased grip allows for more precise and controlled maneuvering of the mower, especially when navigating tight spaces or around obstacles.

We tested them on concreate and stones and they still did well
The first Green Gripper
One of our first Green Gripper
The Megadon V2
Lawn Gripper with Zip End v1
One of the first designs for the green grippers
The first Green Gripper

Reduced Wear and Tear:

  • Extended tire life: The improved grip reduces the amount of stress and friction placed on the tires, leading to extended wear and tear. This translates to a longer lifespan for your lawn mower wheels.
  • Minimized damage to the lawn: Reduced wheel slippage helps to prevent damage to the lawn caused by excessive churning and tearing of the grass.

Additional Features:

  • Biodegradable materials: The wheel Attachment is constructed using eco-friendly, biodegradable materials, minimizing its environmental impact and promoting a sustainable approach to lawn care.
  • Easy installation: The wheel cover is designed for quick and effortless installation on existing 8-inch lawn mower wheels.
  • Wide compatibility: The innovative design ensures compatibility with a wide range of self-propelled lawn mower models.
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Better Traction For Your Lawn Mower

Green Gripper Lawnmower Traction Wheel Attachments offer a simple yet powerful solution for improving the performance, control, and longevity of your self-propelled lawn mower. Its combination of enhanced traction, reduced wear and tear, and environmentally friendly materials makes it an ideal choice for any lawn mower enthusiast.

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Pictures of the many lawnmower wheel attachments that came before the Green Gripper.

Green Gripper Lawnmower Traction Wheel Attachments Terrain Testing: Testing on a variety of terrains is crucial to assess the effectiveness of the tread design. This could include flat, even grass, hills, slopes, loose soil, gravel, and damp grass.

The Green Gripper Traction Measurement: Instruments like pull-force gauges are used to measure the pulling force required to move the mower on different terrains. This data helps quantify the improvement in traction offered by the Green Gripper Deep Treaded wheel attachments.

Lawn Mower Wheel Attachment Durability Testing: The wheel attachments should undergo wear and tear tests to simulate extended use. This may involve running the mower for long durations on different terrains or subjecting the covers to abrasive materials.

Green Gripper Lawnmower Traction Wheel Attachments PLA 3D Printing Material Analysis: The material used in the Green Gripper wheel attachments should be analyzed for its strength, flexibility, and resistance to wear and tear. This helps ensure they can withstand real-world use.

User Testing With Green Gripper Lawnmower Traction Wheel Attachments: Getting feedback from real users who mow on various terrains is valuable. This can provide insights into the practical effectiveness, ease of use, and any potential drawbacks of the wheel Attachments.

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Beta Wheel Zip v1
Wheel Zip Tunnel 2 v0
Beta Wheel 7.9 a v1
Weel 7.9 a v1
Beta The Tank v1
The Bandit v1
Beta The Bandit v1
The Bandit v2
Beta Middle Band Test Track a v1
Middle Band Test Track a v1
Beta Lawn Zipper 2 v1
Lawn Zipper 2 v1
Beta Lawn Wheel For Bridged Zip v1
Lawn Wheel For Bridged Zip v1
Beta Lawn Gripper with Zip End v1
Lawn Gripper with Zip End v1

Blogs an Other Resources for the Green Grippers

This is the Beta Test of the Original Green Gripper after 255 days from 8/1423 to 4/22/24.

This has been used in a yard at my house. Our Testing Yard is at 1949 Sq. Ft. or 0.46 acre lot.

We run a Red Craftsman 4D M270


A picture of the Green Gripper after testing for an unforgiving nine months, the Green Gripper battled the elements. It soldiered through until June 12th, 2024, facing every challenge we could throw its way.

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