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Green Grippers are a Perfect Fit!

Most self-propelled mower use 6 to 12-inch wheels. See if Green Grippers fit your lawnmower and conquer your terrain

8-inch lawn mower wheel chart lineThe 6 to 12-inch lawnmower wheels offer a good balance between maneuverability and stability.

You need your lawnmower to navigate tight turns and uneven terrain while increasing its power to get it up hills.

Here’s a breakdown of different front wheel sizes and their pros and cons:

  • 6-inches: The wheels are a good choice for users who prioritize maneuverability, weight, and affordability, especially for smaller, level lawns with tight spaces. The other side of the story is the reduced traction of the 6-inch wheel. It can make it more difficult to push a mower uphill, especially on loose soil or wet grass. Slap some Green Grippers on them and watch them change how you mow the grass.
  • 7 inches: This size is slightly smaller and more maneuverable than 8-inch wheels, making it a good choice for smaller lawns or tight spaces. However, it may not be as stable on uneven terrain without the use of the treaded lawn mower wheels, like the Green Gripper.
  • 8 inches: This is the most popular size for good reason. It offers excellent maneuverability and stability on a variety of terrain.
  • 9 inches: This size offers more stability than 8-inch wheels, making it a good choice for larger lawns or uneven terrain. However, it may be less maneuverable in tight spaces.


You can check your owner’s manual or consult with the manufacturer to determine the correct size for your machine.


A photo of a stack of two green lawn mower wheel covers with black stripes. The wheel Attachment have a deep tread pattern designed for improved traction on difficult terrain. The top wheel cover has the Green Gripper logo visible.

The specific size of the mower wheel will ultimately depend on the make and model of your lawn mower.

The Good news is the Green Gripper can fit wheels on most self-propelled mowers.

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing a front wheel size for your self-propelled lawn mower:

  • Lawn size: If you have a small lawn, you may prefer a smaller wheel size for better maneuverability. For larger lawns, a larger wheel size will provide more stability.
  • Terrain: If your lawn is uneven or has obstacles, a larger wheel size will provide better stability.
  • Personal preference: Some people simply prefer the look or feel of a larger or smaller wheel size.

The most common front wheel size for self-propelled lawn mowers typically ranges from 6 inches to 9 inches1

These wheels play a crucial role in maneuvering the mower across your yard. Self-propelled mowers come in various drive systems, including front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive.

We know the Green Grippers work but we wanted to see what AI had to say:

Question: Do green grippers help get traction on my lawn mower wheels?

Bings AI Co-Piolet:

Green Grippers are designed to improve traction and grip on lawn mower wheels, especially when mowing on wet grass or uneven terrain. These wheel attachments provide a steady, confident grip, making your mowing experience more efficient and satisfying. They are made from a durable, non-slip material and are easy to install and remove. If you’re dealing with slippery surfaces, Green Grippers could be a helpful addition to your lawn mower

Googles AI Gemini:

Green Grippers are designed to improve traction on lawn mower wheels. The tread pattern is specifically designed to enhance grip on uneven surfaces, wet grass and slopes. In some cases, users report up to a 78% increase in pulling power.

Green Grippers Orange on Lawn Mower Wheel Attachment

There are two main ways to measure your lawnmower wheels.

Green Gripper Lawn Mower Wheel Cover Testing
Measure the front drive wheel with a tape measure. This lawn mower wheel is 8 inches.

Measure the tire diameter: This is the most common way and the measurement you’ll likely need for replacement purposes. You’ll need a measuring tape for this.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Place the measuring tape flat on the ground next to the lawn mower wheel.
  • Roll the mower forward so that the tire makes one complete revolution.
  • Read the measurement on the tape where the tread touches the ground again. This is the wheel’s diameter.

Check the wheel sidewall: Many lawn mower wheels don’t have the size information printed directly on the sidewall. 

Here are some additional tips for measuring a lawnmower’s front wheel:

  • If you’re unsure about the recommended wheel, consult your lawn mower manual.
  • If the wheel is too worn or damaged, the sidewall markings might be difficult to read. In this case, measuring the diameter is the best option.
  • When purchasing a replacement wheel, make sure all three measurements (diameter, width, and rim diameter) match the original wheel.
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