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How to Install Your Green Gripper Lawnmower Wheel Covers In Less Than 5 Minutes.

Lawn Mower Wheel Covers installed using a drill and screws

Green Grippers: Super Easy Install

Try out these six simple steps to enhance your lawn mower’s performance and get it ready to handle any terrain with ease. Explore the fantastic features of Green Grippers to improve your lawn care routine and have more fun. Take action now, order your Green Grippers, and experience the difference firsthand.

Green Grippers: Effortless Installation in Six Simple Steps

Make mowing easier with Green Grippers! Here’s how to install them:

Green Grippers Installation: Effortless Steps for Enhanced Traction

Get ready to experience effortless mowing with Green Grippers! Here’s a step-by-step guide for a smooth installation:

Safety First:

  1. Park it Safe: Before you begin, ensure your lawnmower is parked on a level surface.

Lifting for Ease:

  1. Jack It Up: Safely elevate your lawnmower.

Green Gripper Installation:

  1. Positioning: Place the Green Gripper on the lawnmower wheel, ensuring it’s centered and aligned perfectly with the wheel’s circumference.

  2. Drilling Time: Using a Phillips screwdriver bit and the provided screws, carefully drill the screws into the designated holes on the Green Gripper, securing it to the wheel. Remember: The screws are designed not to damage your mower wheels.

  3. Strategic Screw Points: While all the screws aren’t mandatory, prioritize using the screws meant for the end holes and at least two more evenly spaced throughout the Green Gripper for optimal stability.

  4. Repeat and Level Up: Repeat steps 3-5 for the other wheel to ensure a level mowing experience.

  5. Lower It Down: Once both Green Grippers are securely fastened, carefully lower your lawnmower.

Enjoy the Ride!

With Green Grippers installed, you’re now ready to conquer your lawn with improved traction and effortless mowing!

With Green Grippers installed mowing becomes a breeze.