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The most common Green Grippers for the front drive wheel is the size 8 inch.

Mower Front Drive Wheels Husqvarna 8" Craftsman Self Propelled Set Lawn Mower Wheels White Pack of 2

The Green Grippers Improve Drive Wheels function.

This size Green Gripper offers a good balance between maneuverability and stability.

  • Maneuverability: A 6 to 12-inch wheel can turn corners more easily and navigate around obstacles better than a larger-diameter wheel.
  • Stability: A  12 to 6-inch wheel still provides enough ground clearance to maintain stability on uneven terrain. But it must be noted that the 8-inch wheel is the most used wheel for self-propelled mowers.

While 8 inches is the most common size, there can be some variation depending on the specific mower model. Some lawnmowers, especially larger ones designed for expansive yards, may have front wheels that are slightly larger, around 9 inches in diameter.

How do self-propelled lawnmowers pull themselves normally?

Self-propelled lawn mowers actually "pull" themselves forward. They are pulled forward by the front wheels and engine power. Green Grippers are used to transfer power to the front drive wheels.

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Here's a breakdown of how your mower's self-propelled system likely works

  • Engine: The engine generates power.
  • Transmission: This system transfers the engine power to the wheels. In your mower, it likely uses a belt system or a hydrostatic drive using pressurized oil.
  • Front-Wheel Drive System: Unlike most mowers, the transmission in your mower is connected to the front wheels. When you engage the self-propulsion function, the engine power gets routed through the transmission and spins the front wheels, causing them to rotate and propel the mower forward.
  • Steering: The front wheels provide propulsion. 

Here are some additional points to consider about your front-wheel drive mower:

  • Maneuverability: This design likely offers good maneuverability due to the front-wheel drive system and the smaller, 8-inch front wheels that can turn corners more easily.
  • Potential Traction Limitations: Because the front wheels are driving the mower, they might have less traction compared to a rear-wheel drive mower, especially on inclines or in tall grass. The front wheels don’t carry as much weight as the rear which can reduce grip.


  • This is when you want to deploy the Green Grippers a thick-treaded lawn mower wheel attachment that grips the grass to get super traction.

Overall, your FWD mower offers a unique front-wheel drive self-propelling system that prioritizes maneuverability. Understanding this system can help you operate and maintain your mower effectively.