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One Size Fits All

The Green Green Gripper Treaded Wheel Attachment on a lawnmower wheel

The most common Green Grippers for the front drive wheel is the size 8 inch.

Why The Deep Tread

Green Grippers are more than just wheel covers. With their enhanced grip, durable construction, and wide compatibility, Green Grippers are the perfect solution for lawn mowers that are not pulling their weight due to spinning front drive wheels.

Lawnmower Inventions

3D-printed Green Gripper lawn mower wheel cover. The Attachment has a deep tread pattern designed for improved traction.

With Green Grippers, not only do you get a smoother, more controlled mowing experience, but you also enhance the safety and efficiency of your lawn care routine. Our wheel covers provide better traction, reducing the risk of accidents and allowing you to mow more effectively, even on challenging slopes and wet grass.

Testing Results

Innovative 3 D printed lawn mower wheel Attachment

Green Gripper Lawnmower Traction Wheel Attachments Terrain Testing: Testing on a variety of terrains is crucial to assess the effectiveness of the tread design. This could include flat, even grass, hills, slopes, loose soil, gravel, and damp grass.